What is the Adrift on Purpose Podcast?

We are Lis Hubert & Meghan Seawell, and we started Adrift on Purpose because we’re both interested in what it means—and what it takes—to live a life of choice vs. a life of obligation. What does that look like, both for ourselves and for others? So, we want to interview people who have made interesting choices and crafted unique lives, to find out what challenges, decisions, and forms of guidance they’ve encountered along the way. What makes them all similar? What can we emulate?

When we’re not interviewing people, we want to use the time to talk about our own lives and challenges. What are we wrestling with, and where are we trying to go? What interesting things have we encountered in the world that are shaping our thinking this week?

Our plan with Adrift on Purpose is to alternate between conversations with interesting people, and conversations between us (THE MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE). We don't expect to find answers, but we hope to gradually get a little smarter along the way.

More About Us



Meghan Seawell is a content strategist, writer, and occasional comedian with a history of periodically mooring and unmooring herself. Originally from Minneapolis, she was raised with Midwestern sensibilities like work hard, play it safe, and always serve potatoes. Her career as a content strategist took a few turns and eventually landed her in a hostessing gig at a local pub, where people she knew from networking events frequented (and pretended it was totally normal for her to seat them at four-tops near the bar). In 2014, she received a job offer at a financial firm in San Diego and moved to California, sight unseen. There, she filled her head with fancy west coast liberalism and gradually emerged as a queer vegan obsessed with unconventional living.

In the summer of 2017, inspired by a year of Adrift on Purpose interviews, she set off on her own nomadic adventure and is now an independent consultant untethered to a physical address. You can follow her progress on Facebook and Instagram—and, of course, in Season 2! 



Hello, I'm Lis! I’m an all-around good person, friend, life advice giver, teacher and never ending learner (or, at least I try to be). Professionally, I work as a web consultant, where I aim to try to create websites and apps that are helpful, as opposed to soul-sucking. I like that work, but I'm not sure where it’ll take me next.

I’m also a reluctant creator and wannabe writer. Creating, writing and reading all bring me great joy, but I haven’t yet accepted that I can do these things for a living and still label myself a productive member of society. I’m working on that though. I’ve been spending much of my life recently investigating meditation and other spiritual pursuits with the goal of better balancing the anxiety, worry and stress that I find in “normal” life with simple enjoyment. In short, I want to have fun and live this life well.

I hope to one day also be a free-spirited traveling writer, but maybe more just free-spirited and traveling and sometimes writing, or maybe, I could be those things now... but I just don’t see the way forward yet.