Episode 5 - On Consuming Art Ethically

In this episode of Adrift on Purpose, Lis and Meghan talk about how to consume art that may be on the edge of, or outside of, their moral grounds. They then introduce Lis's favorite new segment "Do You Know What I Hate?!", and once again, investigate messages from the Universe. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Show Notes

  • Today’s edition of Consuming Art Ethically - Two White Ladies Talk About Rap Music!
  • Questions that help you consume art ethically, and could we live perfectly normal lives without listening to Chris Brown… or R. Kelly?
  • NEW SEGMENT! “Do you know what I hate?!”
  • Another look at "What is the Universe Telling You Today, Lis?"
  • Some all around life updates from Lis and Meghan
  • POST SHOW comments
    • From Meghan: "After we recorded, edited, and queued up this episode, I came across a Twitter thread about how rap and hip hop are so often held up as THE examples of misogynistic music when so many other genres also participate. Why not call out country music and the preacher's daughter trope, etc.? Why turn instantly to the genre dominated by black men? In doing so, we propagate the notion that black men practice a particular and heightened immorality. It's effectively the same as harsher criminal punishment for crack vs. cocaine. That's exactly what we did in this episode, and I regret this. I wish we'd had this perspective before going into the conversation so we could have talked about why we even have this impulse. Is the constant refrain of "bitches and hoes" any worse than "get her drunk enough to bone" or "women are purdy lil pieces of property"? I don't have answers, but we could have talked about it. Maybe someday we will, but for now, this nuance is lacking. And I apologize for that."
    • From Lis: "Not seeing the Twitter thread Meghan comments on above, I can't say I'm informed in that regard, BUT I do think the point is well said and something for us to keep top of mind in upcoming segments focused on consuming art ethically. Rap and Hip Hop are most definitely not the only art forms that are guilty of mysogyny. However, they are the ones most dear and near to my heart, as I'm such a fan of the art form itself (as you can tell from the podcast)."
    • For more on this topic, a listener recommended the documentary "Hip-Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes". If you check it out, let us know! 


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