Episode 9: Some Thoughts on Power & Politics

Just in time for Election Day. In this episode, Meghan and Lis talk about Power, Politics, and a Punch in the Face! They dive into some of the pain and passion behind this year’s election, and also discuss different ways power plays out in today’s society.

Show Notes

  • "Are you, like, in shock?"
  • Meghan gets clocked in the face! (She’s ok)
  • Power & Politics
    • The election from hell
    • Perceived Pain versus Real Pain
    • Power versus Social Power
  • The Language of Male Dominance
  • “It’s been a little damaging to my personal relationships”
  • “We are getting constantly Gaslighted!”
  • A discussion on ‘Fear or a Feminist Future’
  • How do we live in these crazy times?


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