Episode 11: Finding Purpose — Interview with Kofi Aidoo

Today we are talking with Kofi Aidoo. Kofi is not only a father, husband and successful Information Architecture consultant (and Lis’ business partner), but he is also a life explorer who has seen and done a lot. Meghan and Lis discuss with him breaking down the big decisions, finding purpose in your work, meeting people where they are, and, best of all, finding inner consistency.

Show notes

  • Introducing Kofi Aidoo!
  • Kofi’s choice to seek a certain purpose
  • Breaking down making the big decisions
  • “What’s the longest you’ve ever lived in one place?”
  • Finding purpose in your work
  • Meeting people where they are
  • Freaking out, at scale
  • Figuring out your inner space - self reflection is key
  • Kofi Constanza’s it - Opposite Kofi
  • Always asking “What is my output?”

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