Episode 12: You Always Have an Exit — Interview with Gigi Griffis

In this week’s episode, Meghan and Lis speak with writer, content strategy entrepreneur and digital nomad Gigi Griffis. We talk about how Gigi found her path of full-time travel as well as how to create a sense of community when you’re not rooted in any particular place. We end the episode with sage advice on how to take that big leap from conventional life into the unknown. Enjoy!

Show notes

  • Introducing Gigi Griffis!
  • “What IS a digital nomad?”... and how Gigi became one
    • How Gigi manages to have a dog and still travel the world.
  • Yes, there are negative travel experiences
  • “How do you choose a place?”
  • A chat about the weather.
  • Creating a sense of community when traveling the world.
    • “Couchsurfing. Where you can get taken alone by a strange man to an empty fortress.”
  • How do you take the leap? Acknowledge you have an exit.


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