Episode 10: A Life Untethered—Interview with Avery Roth

Today Meghan and Lis talk to entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, and adventurer Avery Roth. Avery breaks down her 12-year life in finance and the steps and motivations that moved her away from that career, into her current one. We discuss having the courage and confidence to step into the unknown, and try to uncover just what it takes to walk the fanciful, idealist, and “out there” path. Enjoy!

Show notes

  • “I’m not a survivor of anything, I just got hit in the face.”
  • Introducing Avery Roth!
  • What is a Pivot?
  • How Avery got to where she is today, including a 12-year trip through the world of finance.
    • Making it in Brazil
      • “Were you freaking out?!”
    • Returning to London, calling out sick from work, and quitting finance
    •  Then picking up photography
  • “Yeah, I’ve had run-ins with Scorpios. You’re an intense breed.”
  • Navigating away from “shoulds” to “wants”.
  • Defining the career that’s best for you.
  • “What I’m seeking is not outside me, but inside me.”
  • What about community and friends when you are making these life choices and moves?
  • When the REAL work starts
  • Getting out of the ergonomic chair and walking out into the world
  • “If it’s scary for you just face it, and you will not believe the spoils.”


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