Episode 1 - A Podcast is Born

Welcome to the first episode of the Adrift on Purpose Podcast! Today Meghan and Lis discuss who they are, how this podcast came to be and much, much more. For more after the show, be sure to see the show notes below... and thanks for listening!

Show Notes

  • Who we are and how we got here
  • What do we mean by drifting?
  • The old girls' network, or lack thereof
  • Some men are thieves!
  • A podcast is born
  • It's serendipity!
  • ADOP on Intuition...
    • Is women's intuition a "thing"?
    • Should you always go with your gut?
  • Lis' head is like Lord of the Rings?
  • New Segment! "What's the Universe Telling Your Today, Lis?"


Credit and Thanks!


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