Episode 2 - Randomly Successful

Welcome to episode 2 of the Adrift on Purpose Podcast. In this episode Meghan and Lis are joined by Diana Sonis for a discussion on building a random, but wildly successful life. We discuss how Diana came to not only be a successful startup founder, but also a designer, a board member, and above all else a mother... and all while just going with the flow of life. 

Show Notes

  • Introducing our guest Diana Sonis
  • On creating a random, yet successful career and life
  • “How did you know you were making the right move?” “I didn’t.”
  • Then it becomes strategic
  • Choosing the best for your child… but not always for yourself?
  • Finance, tech bros, and the compromises that come with them
  • Picking your battles, or not


Credit and Thanks!


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