A Big Scary Blank Page - Season 2 Opener!

Adrift On Purpose is back for another season! In this episode, Meghan and Lis are LIVE from the Podcast Movement Conference in Anaheim. We catch you up on what we’ve been doing over the break and dive into what you can expect in the months ahead. Apologies in advance for the wind interference mucking up our audio, but we have no doubt you’ll still get some great tidbits nonetheless. Enjoy!

Show notes

  • Recording live from Podcast Movement 17!
  • Being a toddler podcast
  • Meghan and Lis spend time together in real life, deep in the Anaheim time warp
  • Meghan is officially a nomad!
  • Lis is slowly becoming a cat lady
  • The anxiety never stops
  • What IS “being adrift”?
  • Some particularly good stories from the summer break
  • Getting back to people

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