What Sense of Self Remains - Catch Up with Meghan and Lis

We’re back and more well-traveled than ever! In today’s episode Meghan and Lis dive into Lis’s summer travels and current location-independent life. We also dig into all of the implications that come along with shedding old anxieties and routines and stepping into new versions of ourselves we discover along the way. It’s a reunion not to be missed. Enjoy!

Show notes

  • Meghan and Lis are back!
  • Lis has been traveling “all the heck over”
  • Balancing life and work while traveling
  • Letting go of anxieties, schedules, and routines
  • Finding ways to normalize experiences
  • Letting go of the former parts of yourself
  • Codependency, self-compassion, and survival mode
  • Trusting our intuition
  • “Are you trying to go out and meet new people?”
  • Emotionally divesting from those who leave AND being the ones who leave
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