Having a Drink on Purpose — AOP Happy Hour!

Today we are pleased to present to you our very first 'Having a Drink on Purpose' Happy Hour! Join Meghan and Lis as they discuss their journeys being adrift, questions from listeners, and other random thoughts all while having a drink or few. Cheers!

Show notes

  • Lis has a drink because Susette said so
  • Meghan has decay in her walls
  • Living with dudes
  • “Breaking News!” —  A dude story
  • “Progress towards what?”
  • One thing we think we’re bad at
  • You know what we hate?!
  • Acknowledging privilege
  • Meghan takes a lap through ‘Sex in the City’
  • A discussion on dating
  • “We’re too damn nice to each other!”
  • A peek into Lis’ dating past
  • On dudes with cats, and dogs
  • “One thing you wish people understood about you?”
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