Holding on to the Delight and Wonder - Catch Up with Meghan and Lis

In this episode Meghan and Lis catch up on what’s been happening in our worlds. We dive deep and discuss our fears around not living up to the labels in life and not making the “best” decisions we can. We also discuss listening to our instincts, and reflect on Meghan’s journey around the perimeter of the US. Finally we talk about the endearing characteristics of the people around us. It’s a lot, but it’s great. Enjoy!

Show notes

  • Lis makes a big decision!
  • Meghan returns to San Diego
  • We discuss being a nomad versus putting down roots
  • Attaching to a label (or not)
  • Being afraid of making a mistake
  • Reflections on a place that brings you peace and calm
  • Hearing the Yeses
  • Letting go of the planning
  • Processing the instincts
  • Reflections from Meghan’s perimeter tour of the US
  • Fighting to keep heart
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