Getting Unstuck from the Largeness of It

In today’s episode Meghan and Lis dive into a discussion highlighting—and breaking down—accomplishments they never thought would come to pass. The chat covers many topics from Lis finding her way in the professional world to Meghan exploring the world. In each case, major change comes down to small steps forward, taken one at a time. Listen in for inspiration for your own transformation!

Show notes

  • A Black Friday snafu
  • Thanksgiving adrift
  • Meghan gives Lis homework!
  • The big challenges we’ve overcome including:
    • Lis working for herself for 8+ years
    • Meghan and Lis travel alone
    • Lis moves solo for the first time
    • Meghan talks about becoming a vegan (because of course she did)
    • Meghan has eradicated yelling from her life
  • Realizing all great feats start with small steps
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