Episode 18: Striking a Balance — Interview with Stephanie Pelser & Celine Chan

In today’s episode we talk with not one, but two amazing guests! Digital nomads Stephanie and Celine speak to us all the way from Osaka (so please, pardon the audio issues), and we discuss with them about how they found the courage to live the unconventional life and travel the world together full time. They tell us not only about their life of travel, but about living one’s own narrative, managing work / life balance, and treating yourself well along the way.

Show Notes

  • Catching up on the holidays
  • Introducing Stephanie & Celine!
  • An interview from Osaka
  • Becoming a nomad abroad
  • Finding the courage to quit
  • Why travel?
  • Traveling as a duo (and how not to kill each other)
  • Finding a common language
  • Figuring out the right path
  • The biggest challenge of life on the road
  • Getting unstuck… and going for it!
  • Meghan and Lis share a soul


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