Episode 33: Living Out in the Sunlight — Interview with Margaret Corvid

In this episode we speak with journalist, dominatrix, and local city council candidate Margaret Corvid who leads us through a life journey focused on creating a world she’s proud to live in. She explains to us how she jump-started her current career from a place of necessity, talks to us about life as a professional dominatrix, and tells us how she takes matters into her own hands to try to right the wrongs surrounding her. We learned a lot from this one, and we’re sure you will too!

Show notes

  • Lis’ weird allergy life
  • Megan’s ghostly hiking pack
  • Introducing Margaret Corvid!
  • Finding one’s way not through choice, but necessity
  • From Cleveland to Scotland… “What was that like?”
  • Comparing the political environments of the UK and the US
  • Encouraging more women to run for government
  • Some thoughts on white privilege and marginalization
  • How voice recognition systems are created for an American, white, male world… and what that means
  • What it means to be a professional dominatrix
  • A discussion about decriminalizing sex work… or not
  • Looking to the future


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